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Uncover the Rich Tapestry of Africa’s Past!

Are you curious about the remarkable stories, achievements, and diverse cultures that shape Africa’s vibrant history? Look no further! Visit “Know Your African History,” your gateway to an enlightening journey through the captivating narratives of the African continent.

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Unveiling Africa’s
Diversity of Regions
and Culture

Knowledge is power, and understanding Africa’s history empowers us all.

Delve into the awe-inspiring tales of ancient African civilizations, from the mighty kingdoms of Egypt and Mali to the advanced societies of Great Zimbabwe and Axum. Unearth their remarkable contributions to art, science, architecture, and governance.

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Yemi Adesina

Mr Yemi Adesina, the CEO of Pristine Integrated Farm Resources Ltd, leads a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth and poverty alleviation through education across Africa.

With qualifications as a social worker, seasoned farmer, and prolific trainer, Mr Yemi is a respected authority in the field.


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Best Selling Books

A member of the African diaspora, Mr. Yemi emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1991, where he obtained his Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Social Work. In 2010, driven by his passion for contributing to Nigeria’s food production, he returned to Africa and has since been actively involved in the agricultural sector.

Mr Yemi Adesina
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