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What the Ancient Africans Knew and how their works influenced modern life

“What the Ancient Africans Knew and How Their Works Influenced Modern Life” is a captivating exploration of ancient African civilisations’ rich and often overlooked contributions, unveiling the profound knowledge, innovative practices, and cultural advancements that have left an indelible mark on our modern society.

This book takes readers on a captivating journey through the rich history of Africa, from advanced engineering marvels to intricate systems of governance. This enlightening book uncovers the depth of ancient African wisdom, highlighting how their innovative contributions in science, art, spirituality, and more continue to resonate in contemporary society, inspiring us to recognise and celebrate the profound legacy left by the ancient African civilizations and the profound impact they have had on shaping and influencing various aspects of our modern world.

Book Launch in Nigeria

In November 2022, NTA Television provided exclusive coverage of our highly anticipated book launch event in Nigeria! This extraordinary occasion marks the unveiling of groundbreaking works by Mr Yemi Adesina. NTA Television, a trusted and leading broadcast network in Nigeria, brought this momentous event directly to Nigerian screens, allowing viewers across the nation to be part of the excitement and inspiration.

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